Jacket and Shirt Card
Jas en hemd kaart
English template:  DOWNLOAD
Nederlands patroon:  DOWNLOAD

Samples:  here and here (clown)


Folder and envelopes for 4" x 4" cards
Mapje en enveloppen voor kaartjes van 10 x 10 cm
 Folder template: DOWNLOAD   -     Envelope template:  DOWNLOAD
Patroon mapje:  DOWNLOAD   -   Patroon envelop:  DOWNLOAD

Samples:  here and here

Card Box
Template English :  DOWNLOAD
Nederlands patroon:  DOWNLOAD

Sample here, and  another blogpost here

Triangle Card
Driehoekige kaart
Triangle template DOWNLOAD
Patroon driehoek DOWNLOAD

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Circle of Friendship

Book of Hearts

Triangle envelope

Tealight Holder
For safety:  use a battery operated tealight
Hou het veilig, gebruik een theelichtje op batterij.

Template:  DOWNLOAD

Samples:  here, here and here

CD case - Flower Design
CD case