woensdag, december 09, 2009

Advent Calendar - 9

Dec 9 already!!
I stamped the plaid background and the date on a wooden stick, using Brilliance ink. This ink doesn't bleed on wood.
Al 9 december!
Brilliance inkt gebruikt om de plaid achtergrond en de datum te stempelen. Deze inkt loopt niet uit op hout.

The little candle looked a bit too bright, so I sponged it with StazOn #Timber Brown.
Het kaarsje was wat te fel van kleur, Met StazOn #Timber Brown heb ik het een beetje donkerder gemaakt.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Once again a lovely addition to your calendar. Thanks for the tip about Brilliance ink, I didn't know that.

  2. I am loving this idea and watching it unfold. I have mentioned you on a blog post about advent calenders.

  3. i am loving the progress of this calendar. i can't wait to see the next one. are you sure that stick is long enough? there are quite a few days left to go.

  4. wow.. these are gorgeous... what a beautiful decoration for a warm house!

  5. I just love how this is all coming together! The wood sticks are such a neat idea. A very clever Advent calendar Godelieve! Gina

  6. thanks for the detail on this..I loved seeing it


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