zondag, december 20, 2009


A photo from our garden this afternoon.
Zo zag de tuin er deze namiddag uit. Sindsdien is er nog een pak sneeuw bijgekomen.

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  1. Как же мне нравится заходить к тебе в гости! какой красивый вид из окна а у нас снега в этом году раза в 2 больше чем у тебя в саду.

  2. wunderschöner garten und so viel buchsbaum...herrlich anzusehen.

  3. Very pretty, we have snow too the past few days, but it is past the pretty stage now. I love turning the lights off at night and just staring out of the window, it is so light and peaceful looking :) Lovely photo x

  4. What a gorgeous sight, one day I`ll brave the 24-28 hour flight & enjoy a white Christmas in the Northern hemisphere :)

  5. awww... what a beautiful view! thanks for sharing!

  6. I know, isn't it great. We also had a lot of snow in the garden - it's still there, so we'll have a White Christmas from the looks of things. You too?

  7. Oh wow! It seems so unreal - I got badly sun burnt yesterday by the swimminog pool!! But at leats it's more 'christmassy', if you see what I mean

  8. OMG I'm so jealous! That looks fantastic! We could use a bit of coo down here! We're sweltering in the heat!
    Merry Christmas!


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