donderdag, september 07, 2006

justjohanna's "Waltzing Mathilda" alphabet

A lot of stampers still prefer their stamps mounted on woodblocks. I'm one of them :) My DH has been cutting and sanding these blocks for me. So now I have justjohanna's UM alpha on wood.
Veel stempelaars hebben nog altijd een voorkeur voor op hout gemonteerde stempels. Ik ben één van hen :) Mijn ventje heeft deze blokjes gezaagd en geschuurd... Nu heb ik een justjohanna alfabet op hout.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Well how cool is that!? These are GORGEOUS Godelieve! And kudos to the DH!

  2. Your alphas are gorgeous, they deserve to mounted so beautifully!
    Great job! :-)

  3. You are so organized! And, your husband is a peach for making all those wood blocks for you!


  4. sooo pretty. I wish I could do that , but I don't have enough storage space for wood ;-))

  5. I can't believe this...I am in love with that alphabet, but don't 'do' unmounted either....thislook slike an excellent project for my husband!! You are awesome! :)


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