woensdag, december 27, 2006

Spin and splash

A few samples, after playing with my new toy: spin and splash. I have been experimenting, but there's still a lot I have to find out... (paper, ink, blending solution...) I used Adirondack alcohol inks, and I like the effect of the gold here, which is Ecoline ink. I used one of these backgrounds here on this Christmas Card.
Een paar achtergrondjes, gemaakt met mijn nieuw speeltje: spin and splash. Ik heb een paar dingen geprobeerd, maar er is heel veel wat ik nog moet uitzoeken (papiersoort, inkt, blending solution...) Hier gebruikte ik Adirondack alcohol inkt, en gouden Ecoline. Ik maakte met zo'n achtergrondje deze kerstkaart.

There was a lot of Ecoline gold on the cover of the spin and splash. I "recycled" that on my craft sheet, added more Ecoline, and made some background paper for future use.

Achteraf zat er heel wat Ecoline goud op het deksel van de spin and splash. Die heb ik "gerecycleerd" op mijn craft sheet, en met nog meer Ecoline nog wat achtergrondpapier gemaakt om later te gebruiken.

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  1. adorei o seu blog é uma pena eu não saber english para ler.
    I dont speak english. kisses for you my orkut is http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=9268996973508828971 kisses e happy new year!!!

  2. Weeral een geslaagde onderneming Godelieve!!!en goed zeg dat je ook de 'overschot' recupereerde! Ik kijk al uit naar de kaartjes die je ermee zal maken!

  3. I don't know that ! this is a toy for children ? the result is great and very very creative !!

  4. "Anonymous" from Brazil: Muito obrigado!!

    Linda, dankjewel

    Sylvie, this is a kid's toy, perfect for me :)

  5. Thank you for sharing this, as I was stumped as to how you created the background for the Christmas Card you created for your faithful blog readers.

    Actually, this "toy" brings back a childhood memory for me. Each year at the county fair, I would get to make a picture using the spinner and paint machine that some vendor had set up. It was my favorite thing to do at the fair.

    Now, the question is, have you just enabled me to get one as an adult? LOL

  6. Just Gorgeous Godelieve....I love the gold too... I did love that Christmas card you made, Just amazing...
    Well I'm just a kid at heart too.. so I'll be off to try and track down a spinner :o)

  7. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. :)

  8. I am so excited I found your website with a simple search on Spin & splash. You are so creative. I am from Coquitlam BC and had never heard of spin & splash till I got my ART Specially for you books (all of them)


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