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Bookmarks - Bladwijzers

Here's how you can make 9 bookmarks using a 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock and designer paper : one sheet is enough for 9 house-shaped or even 18 if you make triangle bookmarks.
Ik gebruikte een vel Bazzill cardstock voor 9 bladwijzers in de vorm van een huisje, als je ze driehoekig maakt, kan je er 18 maken.
Cut 9 squares, 4" x 4" each.
Snij 9 vierkantjes van 10,2 cm.

Mark the centre (2") on 3 sides, score.
Markeer het midden (5,1cm) van 3 zijden, ril de vouwlijnen.

Fold - Vouwen

Tape - Vastplakken

Cut squares from the designer paper, a little bit smaller then 4". Cut on the diagonal lines.
Snij vierkantjes uit het scrappapier, een beetje kleiner dan de blauwe vierkantjes. Snij ze diagonaal door.

You can now stamp on the designer paper. Decorate fronts and backs of the bookmarks. I used punches, fancy scissors and the cuttlebug to decorate the blue Bazzill cardstock.
Stempel op het scrappapier, en plak het op de voor- en achterkant. Voor het blauwe Bazzill cardstock heb ik punches, fantasiescharen en de cuttlebug gebruikt. Alles kan.


To create triangle bookmarks, cut the squares into 4" x 2" strips, score and fold the corners.
Wil je driehoekige bladwijzers maken, snij dan de blauwe vierkantjes doormidden (5 x 10 cm), ril de vouwlijen.

Below are some samples, made from one 12" x 12 sheet.
De bladwijzers hieronder zijn uit 1 vel Bazzill cardstock gemaakt.
Front (Click on the photo to see details)- Voorkant (Klik op de foto om de details te zien)

Back - Achterkant

Bookmarks look great on the corner of a card, to send as a little gift, maybe on Christmas Cards?
Leuk om deze bladwijzers als kadootje te versturen, op de hoek van een kaart. Misschien een idee voor kerstkaartjes?

Click here for Splitcoaststampers' inspiration

Marie-Hélène's bookmarks

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  1. Wat een leuk idee, die bladwijzers. En bedankt om de techniek uit te leggen, dit moet ik zeker eens testen, boekenwurm als ik ben !!

  2. What a thorough and interesting
    tutorial on your creative bookmarks. I am off to make a slew for Xmas right now. Thanks so much for all your creativity you so willingly pass on to us all.

  3. Bedankt voor de duidelijke uitleg. Ik ga hem zeker eens maken, vooral het idee van een kado is leuk :-)

    Gr. Brigitte

  4. Prachtige set bladwijzers. Prima kado-ideetje!

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial and very cute bookmarks.

  6. Fantastisch idee!! Waar blijf je het toch halen meiteke??

    Groeties Patrice

  7. Lovely bookarks, and THANKS so much for your most excellent tutorial dear Godelieve!

  8. Great ideas ! Your creative bookmarks are exactly what I was looking for. THANK YOU for sharing.

  9. these are great! thank you very much for your detailed tutorial!

  10. Love this bookmark tutorial! It just so happened that I was experimenting with triangular bookmarks on my own, and then someone asked for the "recipe. It turned out on the very same day you posted the tutorial :D
    I also like the word "bladwijzers" I think I'm going to adopt it into Polish :D
    I look at your creations every day and find sooo much inspiration here. Thank you for being so creative and for posting every day!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing more of your inspiration on bookmarks. I have been playing with them since the challenge last week my using scraps. This will be much easier. I used to live in Brussels (Waterloo) for seven years and I loved Belgium and its people, so I am not surprised to find such brilliance. Thanks again.


  12. This is such a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  13. What a great project. Thanks for posting all the instructions.

  14. Wat een gaaf idee zeg!
    Bedankt voor de uitleg. Als ik weer eens tijd heb.....

  15. Thanks so much for the instructions. I HAVE to make some of these.

  16. Greetings from Pennsylvania, USA!
    I just found your blog from your bookmarks post on SCS. What a wonderful idea! My daughter is an English teacher so I'll be making these to add to her students' gift bags for Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!
    Susan (SCS = PSU_Mom)

  17. What a wonderful project! Thank you for sharing! :D

  18. These are awesome! And I love your crystal clear instructions. So very helpful!

  19. Super ! thanks !
    Nanou from France

  20. These bookmarks are fabulous - I can't wait to try one. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  21. Fun project/design. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thank you very much for this great tutorial! I also made a bookmark,you inspired me for this!
    Thank you for sharing it!
    Your bookmarks are so beautiful!

  23. Thank you for posting this tutorial. I am planning to make lots of these for Breast Cancer awareness.

    stampsnsmiles @ splitcoaststampers

  24. Hi I know this is an old post now but I've only just found it.Great tutorial.You made is so easy and clear.I've made a bunch of these as presents.A big thank you to you!
    Lisa x


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