donderdag, april 29, 2010


A beautiful Spring day called us to take Bert for a long walk yesterday. Sun, songbirds, butterflies, flowers, ... More photos on my photography blog here.
I hope to be back later with a card.
Het lenteweer was te mooi om binnen te blijven gisteren, met Bert een lange wandeling gemaakt. Zon, vogelzang, vlinders, bloemen, ... Meer foto's op mijn fotoblog hier.
Ik probeer straks nog een kaartje te posten.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I've finally managed to pay a visit to your photography blog and boy, was it worth it. You have some stunning images on there. What a lovely was to start my day.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Lovely photo of a flower everyone dislikes - in the garden anyway! But my Dad always used to say they don't last long so enjoy them.

  3. ik zag de foto's op je andere blog, wat kan zo'n eenvoudig bloemetje toch mooi zijn.

  4. I love dandelions, so cheerful. I saw a whole field of them last week - it's really spring! Great picture.


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