donderdag, juni 26, 2014

Photo Inspiration - Windmill

I turned one of the Carved Houses from Darkroom Door into a windmill.  I used the Mesh Background stamp to do the sails.

Eén van de Carved Houses van Darkroom Door omgebouwd tot een windmolen :)
Voor de wieken gebruikte ik de Mesh achtergrondstempel.

I used:  

The windmill in my hometown
Tegenover deze windmolen ben ik geboren.

In fact, I just want to remind you of day 4 of the Darkroom Door & Art Journey Blog Hop.
Today it starts at Joke's blog
Eigenlijk wil ik jullie alleen maar herinneren aan dag 4 van de Darkroom Door & Art Journey Blog Hop.  Die begint vandaag bij Joke

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  1. What a great transformation ! Wonderful idea. It's my brother's birthday next month & I think he would appreciate something like this on his card. We visited the east coast quite a lot as children & there were so many windmills along the Norfolk Broads that we would visit, climb to the top & take in the view. It's lovely to reminisce - thank you for the memory jog

  2. amazing tag - love this to bits - gorgeous xx

  3. You've made very clever use of the house stamp to make a windmill. I like the mesh to make windmill sails :)
    Pretty warm colours too. I like your tag:)


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