dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006

New toy...

For an impatient stamper like me. No more waiting for the ink to dry.
Nieuw speelgoed voor een ongeduldige stempelaar zoals ik. Zo'n vloeistempel is echt iets voor mij....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Interesting, haven't seen one of these in a long time. Does it really not smire the ink?

  2. *LOL* ! you make me laugh !! Is your husband who made that for you ?

  3. okay...i feel dumb for asking but what is it and what does it do :o)

  4. Audrey, I added another picture, more clear: the pink paper is absorbing paper, I don't know the English word for it.
    Sylvie, we found this in a shop today, so my husband didn't have to make one (but I have asked him before, you know me too well)
    Barbara, I hope my stamping will stay clean :(

  5. So, Your using it as a Blotter then? the pink part soaks up the wet inks?

  6. Thank you Stacy, it didn't know the English word, it IS a Blotter :)


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