dinsdag, augustus 14, 2007

Summer Time card

Bleach stamping and stamping on transparency. This card is 4" x 4". It was a bit tricky to take a picture. Sorry about the reflections.
Gestempeld met bleek en op een transparant sheet. Kaartje is 10 x 10cm. Niet makkelijk om dit te fotograferen.
I stamped on Ecoline background, these were the colors I used.
Gestempeld op Ecoline papier, deze kleuren heb ik gebruikt.

21 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh these are lovely. I have been admiring your work. Helen.

  2. Mooi Godelieve! Door de reflectie zie je juist goed dat je een transparant heb gebruikt.

  3. Dag meisie...wat mooi gedaan!!

    Groetjes Patrice

  4. weeral een meesterwerk, prachtige warme kleuren.

  5. Beautiful card Godelieve! I love the combination of the background paper and transparency. Great look!

  6. beautifully done....love the transparency and the bleaching underneath.

  7. Mooi weer !! Ik heb nu al weer zin om zelf te gaan stempelen :-)

  8. absolutely gorgeous!!

    do you apply the ink to glossy paper?? with alcohol or just the ink? thanks


  9. Thanks :)
    Sandy, I use non glossy paper, and just ink and water for the background.
    These inks are used for calligraphy too, it's totally different from alcohol inks.

  10. Beatiful card! It's amazing you combined both techniques so beautifully!

  11. Beautiful!!
    The reflections actually add to the softness of this piece & the colours are magical. I have never tried anything like this before it looks tricky.

  12. Wonderful !! Love the background you created and the transparency is great.

  13. Het kaartje komt mijn vrouwke en mij bekend voor!

  14. They are both so beautiful. I love your work.

  15. Hello - I have saved this card in my favorites forever and have finally posted a card that you inspired. You can see it here:


    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas - there are so many more things I'm anxious to try.



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