zondag, augustus 12, 2007

Ecoline papers

This weekend I made a new batch of Ecoline papers. I receive a lot of email about which colors I used, so I posted more pictures, with the paints I used. Click on the photos to enlarge, so you can read the numbers (and see how well used my inks are).
Dit weekend nog eens wat tijd genomen om een voorraadje Ecoline papier te maken. Ik krijg vaak email met de vraag welke inkt ik gebruikt heb. Op de foto's hieronder staan de (goedgebruikte) flesjes er bij.
Klik op de foto's om ze te vergroten.
I used salt to create spots on this sheet.
En 1 vel zoutpapier.

ETA... Ecoline inks are not available everywhere. Some of my stamping friends use similar inks, but different brands. Julie uses Dr Martin inks, CLICK. And here is a picture of the inks used by Sylvie in France.
PS... Ecoline is niet overal te koop. In Nederland vind je ook de Shadowpaints van La Linea. Sommige van mijn stempelvrienden gebruiken gelijkaardige inkt van een ander merk: Julie gebruikt Dr Martin inks, KLIK. En hier is een foto van de inkt die Sylvie in Frankrijk gebruikt.

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  1. Those salted pages are awesome! I can't believe how well the ink reacts with the salt. They are so beautiful!!!

  2. OH making one's owe paper is the very best!...so much fun!! Curious do you cut it immediately to card size or do you leave it full sheets?

  3. thank you for sharing your "secret weapon" ! :) Very very useful

  4. Thank you girls ;) Jan (Far North), I leave it full sheets, until I need it for a card/project.

  5. I haven't seen the product sold here, I may some day tackle trying this.
    The colors on the papers are great.

  6. Wow, these papers are awesome, don't think they sell that in the US, maybe that is a good thing.

  7. A lot of beautiful things to descover, back at home after a few days of absence....
    I particularly like, "Christmas in July", your ATCs with Hermine's Background,and recently this beautiful Blue Flowers card !
    TFS !

  8. I just love your ecoline backgrounds, I must get some more colours - I only have 3!

  9. Wow!!! Wat maak je toch mooie dingen!!! Leuk spul die Ecoline, ik krijg mijn achtergrondjes alleen niet zo mooi als die van jou!!!

  10. Your papers are slways so beautiful Godlieve... so vibrant and interesting!!

  11. Are these a bit like alcohol inks?
    I made a layout caled seek for a challenge. The whole background is acetate with alcohol ink & it looks a bit similar to these papers you have made, they are gorgeous.

  12. Godelieve,

    We sell them at www.stampgalaxy.co.uk here in the UK, and if I haven't got a particular colour in stock I am happy to order in. It's all thanks to you that we do, as I saw what marvellous results you get, and fell in love with them. Thank you.


  13. I know these colors only through you, and today I walked into a small office supply store next to my house, and saw them! I haven't bought any yet, but now I know they're available in Israel too! :)

  14. I would have never guess that 411 red and 657 green (your first sample) would yield such warm results. It is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a great idea! What kind of paper do you use for this, and which sizes? I also live in Holland but I'm not sure where to go to if I want to get a patch of paper and turn them into ecoline sheets.

  16. @Alinda:
    I often use 160 grams copy paper, A4 size, it is smooth.
    Please email me if you want more info. Email button is in the sidebar at the right hand side.

  17. Dank voor je uitleg! Superinspirerend!
    Ik moet hoognodig eens op zoek naar de Shadowpaint die ik ooit kocht maar tegen vond vallen. Nieuwe kans

    Wat is zoutpapier trouwens? Zelf gemaakt of ?


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