donderdag, oktober 08, 2009

Free Photoshop Elements Classes on 2Peas

A while ago I bought Photoshop Elements 7 (PSE 7) because I couldn't use the newer brushes in my old version of Photoshop. What a wonderful program this is!!
To learn more about PSE7, I'm watching the free videos on 2Peas.
I asked permission to link them all here on my blog. I will add new videos as they appear on 2Peas. Enjoy!

Een tijdje geleden heb ik me Photoshop Elements 7 (PSE7) aangeschaft, omdat de nieuwere brushes niet meer compatibel waren met de oude versie van Photoshop die ik in gebruik had. Fantastisch programma!!
Om meer te leren over PSE7 volg ik de gratis video's op 2Peas.
Ik heb toestemming gevraagd om ze hier allemaal te linken op mijn blog. Nieuwe video's voeg ik toe zodra ze verschijnen. Veel plezier!

Photoshop Elements - The Basics

Lesson #1 : Getting Started
Lesson #2 : Photos & Embellishments
Lesson #3 : Titles & Text
Lesson #4 : Brushes
Lesson #5 : Card Templates & Grouping With Previous

January 2009 : Marquee Tool
February 2009 : Shapes & Cookie Cutter Tools
March 2009 : Changing The Colors Of Papers & Elements
April 2009 : Selection Tools
May 2009 : PSE Stock Templates & Supplies
June 2009 : Drop Shadows
July 2009 : Creating a Sticker
August 2009 : Faux Masks
September 2009 : Designing with Type
October 2009 : Make your own transparency
November 2009 : Tips & Tricks
December 2009 : Blending Modes

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  1. thank you so much for posting about these videos. my wonderful hubby bought me PSE7 and I am really struggling to figure it out. I've not used this type of program before and there is just so much to figure out. I think these videos will be a great help!! I might never have found them if you hadn't highlighted them!! Thanks so much!!

  2. Thanks Godelieve, just what I needed to help me with Photoshop!

  3. Thank you for this very useful list.

  4. nog even bedanken voor je verzamellijst, heel handig!


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